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Are you nervous and stressed regarding relocating one or several items? You should not be with Golden West Moving, Inc.’s custom crating services. Whether it is antiques, artwork, marble, glass table tops, taxidermy, a motorcycle, custom kitchen cabinets, or department store display cases, the staff at Golden West Moving, Inc. can reassure you that your goods will deliver in the same condition as when it was packed and loaded. The cost of our custom crating service is dependent upon the amount of crates and the individual dimensions of each crate that needs to be built.


Packing is the most frequently requested optional service. This service involves preparing and packing small items for shipment. Proper packing is crucial to ensure your belongings arrive at their new destination unharmed. Packing service fees are dependent upon the amount and type of materials/supplies used on the job site.


Professional unpacking services utilize our team of experienced movers. As we unpack your items, we take all the boxes and paper with us for recycling or reuse. This option can be added if you prefer to have Golden West Moving, Inc. provide the unpacking at your new residence.

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1.5 Ctn (S)

Books, Records, Tapes, CD’s, Videos, Canned Goods, Tools, Albums, Files, Bathroom Items, Silverware, Bottled Goods, Alcohol, etc.  THESE ITEMS PACKED IN A 1.5 CARTON ONLY

3.0 Ctn (M)

Sheets, Boxed Food Goods, Pictures, Shoes, Decorations,
Lamp Shades, Linen, etc.

4.5 Ctn (L)

Towels, Bedding, Pots, Pans, Pillows, Games, Blankets, Pictures, Lamp Shades, Wrapping Paper, etc.

Dish Pack

Very Fragile Items, China, Dishes, Glasses, Breakables, Vases, Lamps, etc.  Use plenty of paper.

6.0 Ctn

Large Comforter, Lamp Shades.

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Packing Boxes

Dish Pack:




Order Packing Material

Medium, Large, and Dish pack (Top to Bottom). They are all different in height, but they have matching perimeters.Having the same perimeters give extra stability when loaded and stacked in a truck.

6.0 Carton: