Golden West Moving, Inc. has an excellent record of providing damage-free moves to customers. A successful move experience results from the high caliber of the Golden West moving team. Golden West Moving, Inc. employs only skilled professionals that are reliable, trustworthy, courteous, athletic, and attentive to your needs. Each Golden West move team is tasked to ensure the safe delivery of your possessions to their new destination. Unfortunately, the possibility of accidents can still occur.

Golden West Moving, Inc. assumes liability for the value of the goods that we transport. However, there are different levels of liability, and you should be aware of the amount of protection provided and the charges for each option. Before the moving crew arrives on move day, the insurance selection should be decided upon. If you need further explanation of the insurance options, please contact our office or your relocation consultant. You must select the type of protection that you desire and indicate your choice, in writing, on the Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading is the moving contract between Golden West Moving, Inc. and you.

Most homeowners' insurance policies do not provide coverage for your household goods for moving purposes. However, you should check with your own insurance agent to see if your existing homeowner/renters' policy covers your goods while in transit. Be sure you have a written statement from your insurance company stating that your goods are covered while in transit. Often, you will find that your goods are covered against damages while the movers are in your home packing, but not while the goods are in the movers' possession.

Common sense in conjunction with handling and proper preparation of your items/furniture for storage are the keys to a successful storage experience. It is important to make certain that your items are properly covered for loss or damage. Golden West storage customers must select one of the two options below. If a Golden West storage customer does not select one of these options, then the Mover's maximum liability is .60 cents per pound, per article.

Option 1: Released Value

Golden West Moving, Inc. has a maximum liability under State Law for loss or damage to your property of $0.60 per pound. There is no additional cost for this option. You may increase this liability for loss or damage by paying extra valuation charges.

Example: A 10-pound chair is damaged or lost. You would be entitled to: 10 (lbs.) x 0.60 (cents per lb.) = $6.00. You would be allowed a maximum of $6.00 for that particular chair.

Option 2: Full Replacement Value (FVP)

Under this option, this covers repairs, replacement, or full reimbursement with no depreciation, minus the plan’s $1,000 deductible. The mover will pay for the full cost of repairs if damage occurs while in our care and custody, up to the dollar amount of valuation selected. If the item cannot be repaired, we will replace it or replace it with a like item if the exact item is no longer available. If the item cannot be repaired or replaced we will pay you the cash value based on the current replacement cost (pending proof of value and application of the deductible) at $2.00 per $100 of value.

The following items are subject to exclusion from claims:

  • Items of extraordinary value not listed on the High Value Inventory form.
  • Lamps, lamp shades, artwork, pictures, mirrors, artificial plants,
  • and statues not packed /boxed by Golden West Moving, Inc.
  • Any marble or glass not crated or boxed by Golden West Moving, Inc.
  • Items found broken in boxes which have been packed by the Customer
  • Missing hardware for items not disassembled by Golden West Moving, Inc.
  • Gold leaf plaster frames and chandeliers not crated by Golden West Moving, Inc.
  • Pressboard, particleboard, or ready to assemble (RTA) furniture, parts, and/or hardware
  • Previously damaged or repaired items
  • Previously damaged or loose veneer
  • Furniture where original glue has dried
  • Any small, loose items which are not boxed (keys, remote controls, etc.)
  • Mechanical condition of audio/visual or electronic equipment
  • Computers, and battery operated items in transit or storage
  • Live plants

If you are not sure that you can pack an item safely, leave it for your movers. You might spend a few extra dollars on packing costs, but you will prevent possible damages.

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