boxes supplies

Boxes and Supplies

  • 1.5 Carton

  • Books, records, tapes, CDs, videos, canned goods, tools, albums, files, silverware, bottled goods, alcohol, etc.
  • 3.0 Carton

  • Sheets, boxes food goods, pictures, shoes bathroom items, decorations, lamp shades, etc.
  • 4.5 Carton

  • Towels, bedding, linen, pots, pans, pillows, games, blankets, large pictures, lamp shades, wrapping paper, etc.
  • Dish Pack

  • Very fragile items, china, dishes, glasses, breakables, vases, lamps, etc. Use plenty of paper.
  • 6.0 Carton

  • Large comforter, lamp shades, very light items, etc.
  • Mirror Carton

  • Pictures, frames, paintings, mirrors, etc. Use paper pads on items. If possible put two items (similar to one another) into one mirror carton.
  • Wardrobes

  • Hanging clothes only.
  • Other

  • Newsprint, tape, paper pads, mattress bags, lamp carton, wine carton, regular pads, bubble wrap, mattress box, flat wardrobe, stretch wrap, office 1.5 box, floor mask and 4x8 cardboard.
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